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The need for better home energy

As residents in the Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Aldebert Terrace and Wilkinson Street, you will be only too aware of the energy inefficiency of old houses and their large carbon footprint. There are myriad ways to make our homes more energy efficient and reduce our emissions; ranging from home improvements to renewable energy to simple behavioural changes. But there are often confusing messages about what we should and shouldn’t do and solutions can be costly.

A new approach to domestic energy

The ASSA Climate Action Network takes a new holistic approach to the energy you and your home need. Instead of selling you units of electricity and cubic feet of gas – your energy supply – we we are setting up a community programme, in partnership with a major utility and a specialist home energy company, that will help you look at your energy demand and ways in which you can reduce it and generate your own energy with renewables. It is often much cheaper to reduce your demand through things like insulation and more efficient appliances than it is to buy more gas or electricity, especially with today’s rising prices.

What will it mean to me?

If you sign up to the scheme later this year, you will receive a free energy audit on your home by qualified engineers. On the basis of that audit you will be offered a range of energy improvement options such as insulation, new lightbulbs, draught proofing, a new boiler or new appliances and options to generate your own energy. Once you have chosen the options you want, you will sign up to a new, fixed energy contract that will include your bills and repayments on any new equipment (or alternatively you can pay upfront and get a discount on equipment prices).

What are the benefits to me?

By setting up a network and working with dedicated commercial partners, we can offer the following advantages:

  • You will have a lower monthly energy bill and be better protected from rising prices.
  • The energy auditors, equipment providers, power company and bank all achieve economies of scale which are passed on to you
  • We can access significant community grants to subsidise energy efficiency and renewables
  • With the commercial partners, we take on the research and administrative work, offering you a choice of the best solutions for your home.

Want to know more?

Or contact Chris Morrison on 07971 198555

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News just in:

Just to say that we were delighted to find that Luigi Di Lieto, formerly of the Di Lieto family bakery on the South Lambeth Road, is back. And so is his brother Giovanni.

Luigi is running ITALO, a delightful new Italian deli in Bonnington Square.  ITALO is on the corner with Vauxhall Grove at 13 Bonnington Square SW8 1TE (07590 609 590).

The deli is open from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9.30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.  As well as coffee (Espresso’s 90p), Luigi’s doing sandwiches and takeaways: on the day we  looked in,  you could have Penne alla Matriciana, Parmigiana alla Melanzane and (for vegetarians) Rigatoni alle Melanzane.

Luigi’s brother Giovanni is helping out at ITALO’s for a while, and if one piece of good news isn’t enough, he is preparing to reopen the family bakery early in the New Year.This time, the Di Lietos’ bakery will be at the junction of Brixton Road and South Island Place.

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